Frequently asked questions

The system does domain checks in three stages.

Stage 1 - Check if there is any server registered for that domain.
Stage 2 - Check to see if there is registration information for that domain
Stage 3 - Secondary check for Stage 2

We can only do so many Stage 2 and Stage 3 checks at once, and per hour, thus we do not able to offer that in our free tier only Premium.

Why do I need Stage 2/3 checks?

When someone purchases a domain they do not need to register a server or any services to it. It is like when someone that buys a piece of land, they do not need to build a house on it. This is usually done by domain squatters resellers.

Thus the Stage 1 check is not always completely accurate. Which is why it says Might Be Available.

It is about 80% accurate.

Take the example for pizza. At the time of writing this the free version shows 1394 domains might be available. Where as premium shows 1116 available.

This is about 20% less from free to premium.

It is about 99% accurate.

There are very rare cases where the systems might make a mistake or the domain registration is hidden.


We try to filter those out. If you want to purchase a domain for 10-1000x the cost, then feel free. But we want to only show you those domains that can be purchased for a normal price.


We hate that people do that. We have had that happen to us as well on another service, which is part of the reason we started one ourselves.

The only metrics we keep are the prefix/suffix click through so we can improve their rankings.

It can be difficult to do the stage 2/3 checks against TLDs that are not .com. Because of this we only offer other TLDs in the Premium checks

It is very difficult to check the availability of words on social media using software. It violates terms of services.

To help you know if someone already has that combination, we include links to those sites so you can easily check them yourself.

For example: https://twitter.com/kingofpizza

Users that are not registered and logged in, cannot export results. You can register and rerun your search to export.

No you can still search for free. But the features are limited.

You can view the pricing page to get more information

Each purchase you make entitles you to one search

All sales and searches are final

It takes a lot of resources for each TLD. So we are limiting it to 4 to ensure that we do not get overloaded.